Body Scissors

For those who like to give or take crushing leg muscles on the body.

Body Scissors Group for those who like giving or taking scissor holds around the torso. Body scissors coming from the side, legs across the back and the chest or gut; coming from the back or front, crushing into the sides; combined with a full nelson; fig-4 body scissors.

The muscles of the thighs are the biggest and strongest in the body. This group is for those who like to feel power of hard muscle on their torso, and for those who like to feel another man being crushed in their thighs.

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Fan de body scissors129.10.2017 15:24phil rouen
Looking to be crushed between powerful thighs.111.10.2017 12:55Crushmemelb
Used as a squeeze602.10.2017 21:01crushmyribs
Orillia, Ontario motel next Sunday. Looking to get squeezed to KO.117.9.2017 22:50squeezetoy1984
Any big strong guys keen to crush me in bodyscissors.108.9.2017 08:57Squashmemelb
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Scissors in Memphis, TN229.7.2017 07:31Lion93
bodyscissors to KO North Bay, Ont. Will cover your gas to get here.122.7.2017 07:34squeezetoy1984
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Traveling621.1.2016 15:23Chokemaster
lets meet from PA.127.11.2015 18:36crushmyribs
Bodyscissors video120.11.2015 17:01alexxwrestler
Getting squeezed406.11.2015 20:11jurandi
I'm in Northern Ontario. Love being bodyscissored.405.10.2015 03:43rhillwrestler
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females near me?118.7.2015 15:54crushmyribs
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Travelling for a squeeze818.5.2015 09:01Chokemaster
no limit squeeze113.4.2015 16:21crushmyribs
visiting London, Ontario. Looking to get bodyscissored105.4.2015 22:22squeezetoy1984
Are you serious?509.3.2015 16:56crushmyribs
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Body Scissors607.12.2014 00:18wressinglet
Looking for a squeeze in london, UK115.11.2014 19:47sdavies19 86
Midlands UK121.9.2014 23:33Bearhug KO
body scissors wanted in london area217.6.2014 00:54sdavies99
Whats in a squeeze?515.1.2014 04:27kurrt2005
London, Ontario for Christmas105.12.2013 01:14squeezetoy1984
In Toronto August 22nd. Looking for a squeeze.108.8.2013 23:24squeezetoy1984
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There can only be one104.11.2011 06:48lohingren
northern Ontario. Looking for an extreme bodyscissor squeeze.119.4.2011 09:27squeezetoy84