For guys into battling cock vs cock.

A group for all guys into cockfighting, with or without wrestling involved. There are lots of variations on cockfights: first to cum loses, first to cum wins, jerking fights, wrestling to emission, etc.

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Cockfighting120.2.2019 05:18PinoyBoxer21
cockfight in london119.2.2019 20:15solidguy
San Diego muscle group cockfight Feb 18 & 19 hosting116.2.2019 18:05latin63
Ultimate ideal opponent.1214.2.2019 17:34grkwrestler
Does this cock fight style interest anyone?414.2.2019 16:32fullwellfighter
skype cockfight25313.2.2019 01:03Cubbiewrestler
Hosting muscle cockfight today san Diego or tomorrow111.2.2019 17:19latin63
New cockfight video3111.2.2019 13:49Fistfitem2m
Mvm catfight for my boyfriend106.2.2019 20:39Bigboy85
add me on skype101.2.2019 18:40FistFighter1978
Watching then trying430.1.2019 23:40Sonvsdadds
Muscle cockfight matches all day today tuesday san diego.129.1.2019 16:32latin63
Anybody ready to fight ?727.1.2019 17:46Poxo64
friendly cockfighting126.1.2019 23:58headscissors2
Older vs younger226.1.2019 13:37rassler
Interracial cockfight online now?223.1.2019 16:22Biggerbear
Cockfighting today san Diego muscle group day time122.1.2019 16:30latin63
Anyone up for an online first to cum loses fight? Searching for young peeps near my age around 20 to322.1.2019 13:28Nalgona
JERKFIGHT (First to cum loses)15018.1.2019 17:39AlexTritos
Couple cock fight challengers?718.1.2019 14:01dadbearfighter
San Diego cockfighting match vs my big thick uncut114.1.2019 18:38latin63
Jerkoff Battle on KIK or Skype4313.1.2019 02:28mapuchao1
Schwanzfight als Aufwärmtraining211.1.2019 09:05hamann499
San Diego morning cockfight match today Tuesday108.1.2019 17:04latin63
Thick uncut vs cut meat 4 cockfight today2306.1.2019 14:03Jorgeler
Bring it on bro903.1.2019 05:26Tanman2
Skype Cockfight Tournament?10803.1.2019 01:31youngchubwarrior
Kik cockfight802.1.2019 04:56Slim Goody39
New years day morning cockfighting match with muscle131.12.2018 19:52latin63
Forced orgasm challenge , cockfight challenge in London Heathrow .129.12.2018 11:48hardfight87
Heathrow329.12.2018 10:30hardfight87
Cockfight (Schwanzfight) in Deutschland127.12.2018 11:30legpower63
Heavy precumers2627.12.2018 10:40Wresslefun
Sexfight in Strasbourg126.12.2018 11:42vishal
cam cockfighting contests126.12.2018 09:19salwrestler
Jerkfight first to cum wins. Who can defeat me4226.12.2018 01:25ProRassler
1st to cum win2025.12.2018 06:10msclsub
Wrestling naked to climax while wrestling or fighting, who loves to do this?2215.12.2018 21:45AussieWrestler
Cockfight schwanzduell213.12.2018 18:15Biggerbear
Suche einen Gegner für einen Cockfight312.12.2018 06:04Nordbulle
Skype Alternate Style204.12.2018 19:58Riggxx
Skype Audio Match204.12.2018 19:43Riggxx
Im looking for a cockfight in london Uk. can anyone help?203.12.2018 09:48TheBusiness1234
Skype cock size contest?602.12.2018 18:04Jon666uk
Who wish to have a Skype cockfight now?201.12.2018 15:07dustinthefighter
big shooter want to compare loads?629.11.2018 15:59Jake
First to cum lose match2726.11.2018 07:05LH675
Cockfight tournament525.11.2018 14:10sweet
Ever wrestle a shemale?323.11.2018 18:14ProRassler
Compare722.11.2018 05:00Dave wrestle
Cockfight now414.11.2018 05:34Aisu23
any Asians?214.11.2018 02:11craigtoronto
wrestling to emission502.11.2018 07:38funny
size comparison now230.10.2018 04:02nwflc88
69 Cocksucking Battle426.10.2018 14:05Fistfitem2m
Cam Cockfight325.10.2018 10:02mehrnicht
male catfight /cockfight128.9.2018 15:48catfightman2
Old vs young.524.9.2018 02:27Martial Matty
Cockfighting Madrid122.9.2018 10:08MTmale
skype or kik now121.9.2018 21:36Marc29cc
Male cat fight videos420.9.2018 19:30rassler
Cockfight in san diego118.9.2018 02:00latin63
Viagra Cockfight1214.9.2018 16:40FinnNorbert
Looking for cockfight buddy108.9.2018 04:18mdunkirk56
Game of 69 Cock sucking battle Tag Team3507.9.2018 10:18marco94901
Tampa Bay cockfighters...who's around or near or interested??204.9.2018 23:24Randy
Chubby heavyweight heel230.8.2018 19:53Jorgeler
San Francisco:)424.8.2018 17:47BeTrayedBetrayal
cock fight in Chennai118.8.2018 11:46vishal
Cock Fight challenge216.8.2018 04:31Biggerbear
Cockfighters , Jerking off challenger in Budapest.111.8.2018 22:01hardfight87
First-to-cum cockfight on skype609.8.2018 05:39Atx dal09
Jerkfight (first to cum wins)107.8.2018 12:22HairyWrestler2018
Cockfight806.8.2018 21:33Biggerbear
Catfight1305.8.2018 19:41Biggerbear
Cock size contest3405.8.2018 19:35Biggerbear
Stay Hard405.8.2018 16:46cockyjobber
Cockfight , Jerkfight , Forced orgasm in Budapest .104.8.2018 16:20hardfight87
"GAME OF 69" (posted on Craigslist)1504.8.2018 00:31Dave wrestle
Testicle fight???1101.8.2018 23:09georgiaboxboy
Cock fight Contest near Milan , this week.329.7.2018 00:13hardfight87
Skype cock fight site227.7.2018 23:01craigtoronto
Cockfight in Ocala?127.7.2018 19:02bronsonman69
interracial cam match924.7.2018 12:07HairyWrestler2018
ONE-MATCH FIGHTS623.7.2018 14:12Aisu23
Las Vegas Cockfight1016.7.2018 23:21BeTrayedBetrayal
Looking for a cockfight/cat fight14615.7.2018 21:55EP Tiger
Cockhero challenge on skype814.7.2018 12:33ItalianBull1990
Chub cock fighting912.7.2018 02:31bronsonman69
Skype match309.7.2018 19:27Bluedoken
skype cockfight anytime106.7.2018 19:57catfightman2
cock fight fantasy203.7.2018 06:46Swordfighter1991
Chicago cock fight openings202.7.2018 21:56cubbwrestler
Suche102.7.2018 07:17hamann499
kik or skype cockfight202.7.2018 05:34Slim Goody39
Dallas 7/9-7/11 cockfight and/or catfight122.6.2018 23:09GuyMN1983
Suche in Cockfight Gegner112.6.2018 12:35Nordbulle
Traveling to Atlanta looking for Cockfight April 19–2121202.6.2018 01:41TallFr
How long before a fight?231.5.2018 13:22Yngrasslr00
Skype tonight?230.5.2018 07:01Riverside10
Come on124.5.2018 18:48Dancapoerist
Band123.5.2018 21:42Slim Goody39
Skype erotic cam321.5.2018 00:54Jman96
Male Catfights8117.5.2018 22:59EP Tiger
cock slapping on skype217.5.2018 20:54dusbox
U don’t want it bruh117.5.2018 02:04Slim Goody39
Erotic Cat fights n tighty whities110.5.2018 19:46Slim Goody39
Mann gegen mann catfight109.5.2018 06:43hamann499
Snapchat or skype cockfight207.5.2018 11:00Slim Goody39
Skype give and take cock fight119.4.2018 23:11Jman96
Old vs young 2116.4.2018 12:58Martial Matty
real or cam?216.4.2018 12:18barefeetfighter
Cockfight in Milan with bigger dick , next week .115.4.2018 01:06hardfight87
Cockfighting in Italy?111.4.2018 12:45LucaFight
Cumpetition League1510.4.2018 22:21HardCFighter
Irish cockfighters?210.4.2018 22:15HardCFighter
Cockfight on WhatsApp and phone1005.4.2018 23:24Bearhugfan
Types of cock fights305.4.2018 20:19lovetoroll
MAtch in Brazil104.4.2018 14:26negoluta
Cockfight Blog1602.4.2018 01:51hilral
Cock fighting , Nipple fight challenge in London , next week .125.3.2018 07:56hardfight87
want someone to skype-cockfight really badly!!422.3.2018 23:26dusbox
Anyone on Skype?422.3.2018 23:19Jjwithamlao
CumFight1319.3.2018 04:05Tanman
Sexfight in Chennai,India314.3.2018 17:00vishal
Anyone want to show me how to cock fight on skype/411.3.2018 18:32Tanman
Netherlands or Belgium CockFighters102.3.2018 14:22Erowrestling
interested in getting into my first Skype Cockfight124.2.2018 18:52AChan1931
Calling All Skype Cockfighters!210.2.2018 00:09Jjwithamlao
Cockfighting events106.2.2018 14:07MTmale
Skype now!104.2.2018 19:44cubbwrestler
fighting on vacation130.1.2018 06:34eric010
How Does?230.1.2018 05:27dancerguy87
Snapchat battle227.1.2018 23:44Dwhopper1
Skype cockfight this evening.327.1.2018 17:51Jnhbody
Skype???222.1.2018 21:54dusbox
whos cock is better222.1.2018 21:53dusbox
Chance207.1.2018 17:52JONSTEAD
Anyone wrestler for cockfight Challenge in Amsterdam.307.1.2018 13:06rakker
Looking to fight tonight near San Francisco SFO airport203.1.2018 12:58BeTrayedBetrayal
Craigslist ads.428.12.2017 01:14BeTrayedBetrayal
Any one from Banglore124.12.2017 08:59abramlesb
London cock battle122.12.2017 18:29londonsuperballs
Cockfight , Cockslapping against bigger cock in Milan , this week-end.116.12.2017 19:21hardfight87
jerkoff wrestling in netherlands115.12.2017 08:24udo1972
Anybody for a cockfight this weekend in Berlin?114.12.2017 00:39Kent476
Skype body compare and cock fight108.12.2017 23:36Marian
new cockfighting group needs memebers2521.11.2017 21:12NKfighter
Barn Fight105.11.2017 15:23riverrat
Size Matters Competition319.10.2017 17:50tpasoccer
Getting Started as a Newb if not 'big'317.10.2017 20:42Pindowntom
Manchester UK206.10.2017 17:54danielandrew
Any other way to fight on Skype?806.10.2017 09:47ruffPA
skype fight now?226.9.2017 15:51HB-Mike
Columbus who wants some117.9.2017 14:46LetsRoll97
wrestling/cockfight...hooking on the cock collar.....231.8.2017 08:00SFslam
Sitges110.8.2017 19:40TheBusiness1234
UK cock fight1131.7.2017 06:44dermott wigan1
Can host tonight111.7.2017 20:56cockynycboy
hot pics on my tumblr410.7.2017 14:01rassler