Jobbers v heels

Matches where the cute jobber gets completely squashed by the bad mouthed heel

Let us know about your matches where you ahve been a jobber and have been taken apart by a heel - or you have been the bad guy and put the poor jobber through hell

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Heel v jobber tag match uk719.2.2019 18:16varsityb
Jobber with a vale/manager watching the destruction1218.2.2019 18:04Raeden
Help stopping neck bruises?316.2.2019 17:17Tommy10
Why Heel?816.2.2019 10:51dusty rhodes
Squash matches815.2.2019 22:57kcjobberboy
jobber in southeast Pennsylvania114.2.2019 00:38headscissors2
Video: Buddy Justice Nude Heel/Jobber Match212.2.2019 06:58ProNTampa
my fav match style2608.2.2019 22:11AlexTritos
Twitching/Convusling2608.2.2019 05:41DanielChub
Best way to humiliate your jobber?2905.2.2019 09:53terrence
Anyone else love when your opponent ignores your taps?404.2.2019 19:46ibex
Chubby heel looking for jobber504.2.2019 18:33Rock2218
Bear heel here404.2.2019 18:05Rock2218
Heel looking for Young jobber in Chicago to pin502.2.2019 14:51terrence
Jobber v Heel roleplay131.1.2019 23:17DanielChub
Looking for thatrical wrestling heel127.1.2019 18:32ragdollme
Forcing your submissive to be a good looking jobber124.1.2019 04:37Leopard
150kg jobber destroyed by older fit heel221.1.2019 13:51AlexTritos
Girl strength520.1.2019 06:44HeelAJobber
Video: Younger Heel218.1.2019 05:20Wrastle4fun
Video: Heel Won't Let Go115.1.2019 21:46snakewrestle
match of the week3115.1.2019 21:11NelsonBear
Match Reccomendations214.1.2019 20:49commandertc
Jobber for Heel213.1.2019 10:38Mortadelo
Heel looking for Jobber210.1.2019 06:46buddystl
Heel 4 Cam boxing127.12.2018 17:02DanielChub
Merry Christmas.125.12.2018 17:43novice04
Looking for jobber in france425.12.2018 14:39FrenchJobber
Jobber gesucht125.12.2018 09:39timo
j for h120.12.2018 22:42wrestleone
Erotic squash- force the hero to cum6618.12.2018 15:03ButchBoots
Video Request - W&L (or W and L)118.12.2018 05:40CoachSal
Heel hunter115.12.2018 17:34Jcj0033
Heel 4 Jobber202.12.2018 01:35sk8terstrong
Champ needs his jobber119.11.2018 17:52DanielChub
Open gym Claymont Delaware usa207.11.2018 20:13rruffwrtlr64
Face sitter heel looking for submissive Jobber104.11.2018 20:28bdcan2001
The accidental jobber729.10.2018 14:24markuswolf
Heel looking for Jobber in Arizona727.10.2018 00:28BlackFighter27
Jobber looking for heel CHI220.10.2018 18:47VAChub4Muscle
Jobber wanted in Chicago419.10.2018 19:04Nojoke18
Jobber looking for heel in Los Angeles212.10.2018 00:05wrestlingdad
Minneapolis - 430lb Heel Looking For Couple Squash Jobbers227.9.2018 23:21LookingToTrample
Why a jobber?2727.9.2018 18:16harrier
Jobber looking to be tied425.9.2018 19:50Princesse Ludwyna
JOBBER NEEDED 5th & 6th OCT and 9th 10th NOV1323.9.2018 09:23goldawg76
Need muscular submissive Jobber in Barcelona in october109.9.2018 11:37HeelAlphaMan
heel looking107.9.2018 12:26fightmenow
JOBBER LOOKING FOR HEEL106.9.2018 19:17Nojoke18
In search of Heel...130.8.2018 22:04Newyearkid71
Young jobber here615.8.2018 07:23AsianHeelLA
Facesitter looking for seats412.8.2018 18:48LisbonWrestler
HEEL IN SPAIN(VALENCIA AREA)112.8.2018 11:50lorenz44
Open challenge (kuwait)224.7.2018 22:31PerthMan
Jobber here, wants a heel222.7.2018 00:35rassling73
Young UK Jobber222.7.2018 00:33rassling73
Take on All106.7.2018 20:35tbone123
Seeking Heel in San Francisco Bay Area725.6.2018 18:52jobber789654
jobber for heel4823.6.2018 04:51jobber789654
Big and strong heel in LA122.6.2018 15:36Liftthiswimpyboy2018
Philly Masc Jock looking for Dom417.6.2018 01:56DGray77
Cleveland Ohio410.6.2018 16:41Jobberbear
What is the most humiliating thing a heel has ever done to you?14408.6.2018 22:55clewrslr
410lb Heel Looking for Wimpy bobber.102.6.2018 15:37LookingToTrample
Heels Wanted115.5.2018 23:50WrestlerPunk
Looking for a sporty fit athletic heel109.5.2018 11:02Triathlete68
Jobber looking for heel108.5.2018 03:15Nojoke18
Squash me507.5.2018 15:37Barry O
Facesitting? (UK?)105.5.2018 18:42Smiley258
Philly heel looking for jobbers129.3.2018 17:15JStiles85
Worcester, Boston USA409.2.2018 11:29Rocket
2 UK jobbers looking for Heel203.2.2018 02:32figure4leglock
Heels near nj201.2.2018 22:51Wrestler15
Heel wanted in LA126.1.2018 07:01PerthMan
Heel required125.1.2018 21:52Charlie8812
Looking for heels in Claymont Delaware229.12.2017 11:31mikey3458
Looking for heel627.12.2017 14:40kcjobberboy
Hard fighting jobber826.12.2017 23:46Rocket
Heel wanted in Italy126.12.2017 10:26lorenz44
100% HEEL IN ATLANTA!126.12.2017 05:31RED DADDY
young jobbers wanted4208.12.2017 09:07terrence
Humiliation of your jobber.1907.12.2017 02:31Gabe Steel
Fl jobber looking for 2 strong heels106.12.2017 10:34Gabe Steel
Searching for Heel204.12.2017 11:38kcjobberboy
PROCURO JOBBER FORTE NO RIO204.12.2017 06:42Gabe Steel
old school heel vs. clean cut solid beefy unsuspecting good guy401.11.2017 03:10wrestlerspig
heel vs jobber501.11.2017 03:09wrestlerspig
Ga job125.10.2017 11:23Miccboii
hi111.10.2017 21:38CHILENO7
match against a much heavier jobber than me.207.10.2017 08:50Squashlad
Match in NJ117.9.2017 19:37Bschweik
Jobber needing a heel716.9.2017 21:00kcjobberboy
Jobbers in white boots3816.9.2017 13:39snapsuplex
Heel wanted216.9.2017 10:26terrence
Young jobber in London needed729.8.2017 18:14Glasgow Jobber
Unlikely / Unexpected Heel224.8.2017 08:04Mortadelo
Hot jobber v heel videos?207.8.2017 07:58Heel-LA
Sleeper hold jobber1929.7.2017 05:20Chokemaster
muscle down to super stud830.6.2017 22:10terrence
Humiliated with a Gorilla Press2022.6.2017 19:51felift
wild muscle120.6.2017 18:24Super Stud Roy
looking for meet ups118.6.2017 22:45mike
squashed under heavy guy or guys418.6.2017 17:20wrestlerspig
submit in LA207.6.2017 22:47wrestlerspig
jobber looks for heel2519.5.2017 15:34snapsuplex
I want to play!103.4.2017 18:03AMEN-SP
Brutal UK heels321.3.2017 22:17Jack12
Should i be heel or jobber1020.3.2017 13:06CLIPUS
Squashing1106.2.2017 20:00snapsuplex
Georgia204.2.2017 21:40snapsuplex
Squash / Work over / Squirt1913.1.2017 06:01WW
Am I a believable heel?308.1.2017 18:26B2Bomber
Heel and/or jobber115.12.2016 07:55mentatzps
Muscle Jobbers315.11.2016 11:49Sergio-bodybuildermuscle
This jobber will take on any heel! With ease912.11.2016 12:53terrence
squashing in the UK403.11.2016 17:59Kendro
wrestling tournament (part 1) - novel620.10.2016 13:25karateninja12
My Wrestling Obsession421.9.2016 11:50harrier
NY Heel.101.9.2016 21:43Wrestler420
Hi looking for a strong heel102.8.2016 12:49terrence
Soft jobber wants wannbe heel101.8.2016 16:39Peter69
Saying Hello430.7.2016 07:55Peter69
chain match315.7.2016 00:22nightstranger
work out frustration102.7.2016 22:26Stewie9280
Heel in liverpool130.6.2016 16:04Liverpoolgrapple
Jobber cock count out.....429.6.2016 23:04Wrangler3522
Older Jobber for Younger Heel127.6.2016 19:16mike
Humilate my small muscles?222.6.2016 03:51kk90771
The heels in this group are a bunch of pantie-wearing spank-wankers!105.6.2016 12:05Wrestlehound
Heel in Rhode Island421.4.2016 15:04Lombardiwrestle
Procuro Jobber para perder de mim112.4.2016 15:41JCF
Great jobber humiliation623.3.2016 13:31prorock
Heel seeks Jobber1403.2.2016 22:28cjd606
2vs1126.1.2016 07:37wrestlermuc41
Heel413.12.2015 22:48NORTH OF ENGLAND WRESTLER
16th intl. wrestling camp 2016102.12.2015 01:35ringen-berlin
Hot Jobber Match Here3427.11.2015 20:55wrestlerspig
Learning to heel525.11.2015 16:24Monna
Any strong muscular jobbers like to be dominated by weaker heels?109.11.2015 13:19Markald
trampling challenge116.10.2015 11:18duritoo
UK tag team110.10.2015 06:01figure4leglock
Guys in LA122.9.2015 06:44boxingfan21
let's rassle110.8.2015 13:18rassle1
Midway match reversal329.7.2015 12:51karateninja12
UK jobbers 18-27?118.7.2015 09:13marconi
The perfect Jobber430.6.2015 18:51walsallgoodguy
Squash match319.6.2015 22:36Heel4You
The perfect sqhaush job match1012.4.2015 17:03wrestlerspig
More jobber beat down hotness221.12.2014 14:51PunchFun
Looking for heavy/big man to dominate me in a boxing match.416.12.2014 12:39Andy Bluebear
Big jobber waiting to get beat down114.8.2014 20:35gutpunchme92
Looking114.6.2014 15:16Subboy
Part of a wrestling story with a 19 year old jobber125.2.2014 14:53flexonyou
Part of a mostly straight wrestling story. If you like squash matches where a younger, weaker, less skilled wrestler gets dominated by a stronger more skilled wrestler, this is for you.125.2.2014 14:53flexonyou
Tips for a novice jobber622.12.2012 08:48luffy316
Punishment201.9.2012 20:57toughguyabs