Group for guys into being held in long,vicious,tight,sleepers on the edge and for the cruel, dominate men who like to keep them there in their control!

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Video: Sleepered & Forced To Shoot212.2.2019 04:54jobberasian
How Do YOU Like It?801.2.2019 22:12terrence
Old School TV Pro Sleeper121.1.2019 22:50Prostyleguy
Video Of Being Sleepered Then Poked414.1.2019 06:41snakewrestle
Hot sleeper408.1.2019 23:33jobberasian
Where are we from? Join the Group and tell us where you are from.12330.12.2018 08:55Phzito
Dragon sleeper7919.11.2018 23:49wrestler251
Sleeper fun in SF111.10.2018 23:46scorpioguy
mounted triangle723.9.2018 23:38TX bull
Westchester NY514.9.2018 15:10wrestlerspig
Facesitting sleeper1010.9.2018 02:29TonytheBritt
niagara falls july 23-26122.7.2018 14:57Kindastrong
Anything you can give!118.6.2018 03:24OutAgain
Sleeper swapping in the uk1517.6.2018 15:01FightfunGER
Muscle Strangler114.6.2018 15:32jwest1111
$500 for a guy with some power to force me to pass out repeatedly530.5.2018 07:42Guysmiley
Favorite indie pro knockouts1127.5.2018 21:12manwrestler
Right jeans, full body suit, Lyra mask116.5.2018 16:40Good looker
Need to be sleepered out NYC102.5.2018 07:10scorpioguy
First time getting choke out?321.4.2018 15:19wrestlpin123
Sleepless in St Louis... ; )1107.4.2018 17:42Barry O
sleeper hold in fight1802.4.2018 17:33Good looker
I want to be choked out - near King of Prussia, PA120.3.2018 02:15jerseysleepermaster
Domination by Super Heavy Sleeper Wrestler519.3.2018 12:33jwest1111
Get aroused in Sleeper anyone?3202.3.2018 12:05jobberasian
CT sleeper master4515.1.2018 22:16Lovetobecrushed23
Neck too chubby to choke out?1007.1.2018 02:23terrence
Sleepers in DC/MD/VA?126.12.2017 16:40WrestleNate
Any guys who like to be in sleeper in Atlanta?325.12.2017 20:35launce
Heels?319.12.2017 14:29Chokeout31
Choke outs2026.11.2017 21:58Chris in seattle
creativity724.11.2017 05:17FlDean2012
Choke outs in NE or NY1422.11.2017 12:48WrestlerandGeek
Any one who are in singapore wanna strangle my neck?321.11.2017 13:17Chokeout31
Smother Wrestling (Breathling) New Sport1214.10.2017 03:45jimmyterrific
Meet me in lower Westchester104.10.2017 20:21Chokemate23
Sleeper heels in Ft Lauderdale or San Diego or Boston?119.8.2017 09:28submissive50uk
Multiple sleepers in one visit824.7.2017 15:19Pigboy73
My Wrestling Thing. Short-story.114.7.2017 23:19jwest1111
What is it like being choked out?1710.7.2017 16:40Stevienye71
Video of sleeper hold704.7.2017 15:38wrestlpin123
Sleeper swapping uk721.6.2017 13:04Sleeperguy85
Sleeper me out in Hawaii116.6.2017 05:22Dragonsrule13
from.....Palm Springs CA114.6.2017 05:25goldenboy
Sleeper play in NYC412.6.2017 23:40scorpioguy
Love it!1131.5.2017 01:04wrestle me now
Nashville chokeout225.5.2017 20:43Bigwrestler-8
Sleeperkid's World1019.5.2017 21:30chocolate thunder
Gloved chokes423.4.2017 18:01New2this
The SLEEPERMASTER is back920.4.2017 07:40Chokeme
Erotic sleeper / role play1320.4.2017 03:12chocolate thunder
Cash for choke outs1218.4.2017 04:14ferdybear
Albany Choke Out117.4.2017 16:54subwrestler1990
Visiting London, ON Apr. 27-29. Looking for small dude to choke me out.116.4.2017 22:46squeezetoy1984
Who wants to get choked out in NYC513.4.2017 18:20sqfig4
Best chokeout107.4.2017 20:08Lovetobecrushed23
Sleepers in Vegas129.3.2017 23:52scorpioguy
Anyone wanna be Choked out in UK4416.3.2017 12:22Wrestletowrestle
"First to Sleep" Match1216.3.2017 05:32Lthrwrstlr
Anyone wanna choke me out in London?114.3.2017 19:37nw5wrestle
London113.3.2017 21:05nw5wrestle
Choke me out in PNW110.3.2017 06:46funtaps6
Show me a good sleeper224.2.2017 21:28rustykirk
Sleepers430.1.2017 04:11FlDean2012
What's your preference?829.1.2017 21:12jobber1
Watch JJ take a nap...605.1.2017 22:34wrestlerspig
Naptime in AL,TN, or GA1229.12.2016 21:53terrence
All I want for Christmas is some pythons to choke me out124.12.2016 18:01SqueezeChoke87
San Diego105.12.2016 16:52Pullmanfighter
scotland101.12.2016 13:11apaganbear
Sleepers close to West Virginia127.11.2016 14:30Sleeper men out
Somebody in the detroit area wanna put me out220.11.2016 13:31Marcus825
Choke out1112.11.2016 07:28toxic
Chokeout NYC511.11.2016 00:12SleeperholdsMMA
Chokeouts in Manila109.11.2016 21:16scorpioguy
Chokeouts Hawaii202.11.2016 14:12RISLEEPMAN
Any UK guys?320.9.2016 09:18Chokeme
Sleeper holds London uk220.9.2016 09:18Chokeme
I would like be choked out. Paris330.8.2016 16:29Motusebc
Ny choke out624.8.2016 22:47WrestlerandGeek
I like being choked out by smaller guys119.8.2016 01:40squeezetoy1984
Sleepers north nj112.8.2016 15:54Bbdestroyer6969
private sleeper708.8.2016 02:04Stevienye71
Seeking fig4/triangle Sleepers208.8.2016 02:01Stevienye71
NH or Boston choke outs113.7.2016 03:54SLayton1987
videos112.7.2016 08:22ARGONSA1
Give sleeper/Chokes/Figure4 holds!111.7.2016 19:36zmaccs
Give or take Sleeper and Choke holds5110.7.2016 06:16rustykirk
Anyone in South Africa or coming here?129.5.2016 11:12rufffight1979
Fade me out317.5.2016 22:08Tapouttoy
Group sleeper508.5.2016 17:01Sleeperfan
Why Aren't YOU Closer!?!1216.4.2016 01:36xinght
Aplicar Sleepers413.4.2016 14:44JCF
nashville choke811.4.2016 04:34Fierceguy21
Choke or be choked310.4.2016 14:35Marcus825
Choke outs anywhere on 95 from Florida to New Hampshire404.2.2016 11:56jobberAl
New York Choke Out?704.2.2016 04:46GI WARRIOR
Custom Sleeper Video2020.1.2016 11:20GI WARRIOR
Want to make a video302.12.2015 17:04Pullmanfighter
Anyone Want to Sleeper Me?515.11.2015 08:07borderman
smaller guys to choke me out. real only. can host114.11.2015 20:40squeezetoy1984
Bully needs put in his place.1323.10.2015 02:18Lthrwrstlr
Newbie wanting to experience222.10.2015 07:05BJJWrestlerLasVegas
Beyond ready320.10.2015 07:58BJJWrestlerLasVegas
Chokeout-jobber717.9.2015 13:41ScannableBeef
Würger gesucht123.8.2015 02:30Bearhugandchokeme
looking for a heel how finish me in a long sleeper612.7.2015 18:35mehmetandme
London sleeper matches410.7.2015 13:15slpt
Etranglement / Choke504.7.2015 08:11etrangleur64
Smaller dudes to choke me out. Nothern Ontario.119.6.2015 21:53squeezetoy1984
muscular men getting choked out by twinks4206.6.2015 00:37wressinglet
Sleeper-and Chokeholds119.4.2015 10:43Steffen
love to be sleepered209.4.2015 18:54syorksbiker
Looking for guys who like chokes6406.4.2015 16:49jockoramos
Visiting London, Ontario Apr. 26-30. Looking to get choked out by smaller dude105.4.2015 22:17squeezetoy1984
Sleeper/ choke exchange UK105.4.2015 21:48Judopete
hand choke/strangle1323.2.2015 23:37beatuup12206
Sane safe air chokes106.1.2015 21:43Judopete
Looking for sleepers in Europe1101.12.2014 15:58mehmetandme
Any UK guys into a safe sane session?119.11.2014 21:07Judopete
Revival from Sleepers and Chokes327.10.2014 00:14ARGONSA1
sleeper chokes exhange in asia119.10.2014 07:30adriwong
choke me in NL101.10.2014 14:06MrBiceps
Paris329.9.2014 23:56Wrestletowrestle
Choked out by smaller guy1213.9.2014 23:07mehmetandme
Visiting Toronto mid-October. Looking for little dude to choke me out118.8.2014 23:35squeezetoy1984
Love a slow sane choke1216.7.2014 22:38Hairy Puncher
Sleeper Hold till one of us has a nap1219.3.2014 23:44ChokeMeOut