Wrestlers in Asia

Getting matches in Asia

More of a regional than local group, but for those travelling to Asia or those already here and seeking fighters and venues

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Top wrestlers & fighters based in Asia2831.1.2019 10:43Alan2005sg
Wrestlefest in Dongguan/China425.12.2018 14:13Wrestlertoo
Singapore325.12.2018 10:16hawaiianpunchtko
Taiwan221.11.2018 19:58andy502152004
Gutpunchers + Takers119.8.2018 12:17celtwrestle
Travelling Asia605.6.2018 12:38Australian Wrestler
Wrestling group in India Whatsapp125.5.2018 16:11Rohith Kumar
Thailand ?129.4.2018 11:24Norwayman
Visiting Asia109.4.2018 14:02Australian Wrestler
Naked wrestling in Bangkok108.2.2018 13:52Wrrstler 69
search for a combat proposal available until February 20th do not hesitate302.2.2018 05:59franckmahont
fans of naked kombat in china129.12.2017 14:55herson 069
Top dog in Hong Kong?720.12.2017 17:19Alan2005sg
Venue in Singapore207.4.2017 02:11celtwrestle
If you visit Hawaii102.1.2017 19:54Town808grappler
anyone in the Saitama area interested in some grappling?115.10.2015 12:03ryosaeba
Hawaii?118.8.2015 07:33hawaiifighterthrowdown
Autumn challenge to Razor318.2.2015 14:29celtwrestle
Asian couples oil wrestling208.1.2015 16:45celtwrestle
Asia league823.12.2014 19:52celtwrestle
Gut punching213.7.2014 09:07razorfish
Difficult to get a place to wrestle?211.4.2013 15:40celtwrestle