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Looking for guys into sub wrestling particularly neck squeeze holds (RNC, Triangle, scissors, other chokeholds). Love being put in them but also can apply a mean sleeper/RNC myself and can be fun competitive but have no formal training in that area. Can be to sub or KO. Some interest in being on the recieving end of boxing, fighting, MMA but would need to discuss further.



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Alter: Mann, 39 Jahre alt

Stats: 175 cm, 70 kg

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ScorpioGuy is a sexy guy, a fun opponent on the mats, and a great guy off them. On the mats, he is one of the toughest jobbers I have ever taken on. He can take tons of punishment and multiple ko's. He's really hard to tap out, and can keep going all day. Off the mats he's very fun to hang out with. We have developed a lasting friendship and keep in touch after our matchs. I'm looking forward to the next time we can meet up. If you have the opportunity to take this sexy guy on, take it!



Tattooed ginger wird empfohlen von scorpioguy

I had the awesome opportunity to meet TG and had an amazing experience. This guy knows his chokes and can put your lights out easily. He did mine numerous times in various holds. Very skilled and trustworthy on knowing what he is doing. He's good for competitive or a squash job as a skilled heel. Respects limits and is just an all around nice guy. We actually became friends out if it. Highly recommend if you get his way!!