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I'm in North Bay, Ontario and I'm looking for a strong young stud who can crush me to KO in a bearhug or bodyscissors. And I will help pay your gas to get here if you're within Ontario, Quebec or their bordering US states. I'm 5'10 150lbs 35yo. masculine, good build. I'd really like a guy who knows how to properly apply any kind of bearhug or bodyscissors and willing to squeeze or crush me to KO with one. No tapouts. NO mercy. I can host in my apartment or motel room. If you can drive to North Bay to squeeze or crush me to passout, I will pay your gas to get here, within reason of course. I prefer other masculine guys around my age or younger. Not into daddy types or fem guys or wusses who get "afraid to hurt me"..

For me to pay your travel expenses here, you have to be: 1) "young', around my age or younger, preferably. 2) You can handle squeezing or crushing me to passout with a bearhug or bodyscissors and 3) be masculine. Inbox me if you're interested. I'm into real only. Not looking for cyber, phone or cam. I can host in my apartment or motel room and I can travel a bit too. I'm a 4 hour drive north of Toronto, 4 hour drive west of Ottawa. I may help with travelling costs too. Contact me if interested. Once again, I'm not really into much older guys or guys who are really feminine.

Please don't be a troll. I know what I'm looking for. I've got it described well enough above. If I mention that I'm not interested either because you're way too old or feminine for my tastes, please have some respect and stop contacting me or trying to pick me up believing yourself to be some irresistible exception.

J'ai 35ans, 178cm, 68kg, corps athlétique. J'aime être écraser avec des bearhugs ou bodyscissors jusqu'à ce que je suis KO. Je cherche un jeune mec qui a l'endurance pour m'écraser assez long temps pour je que perds connaissance. J'aime défié la force de son bearhug ou bodyscissors aussi. Mon challenge favorit: écrases-moi avec tout force possible jusqu'à ce que tu te fatigue, ou jusqu'à ce que je perds connaissance. S'il faut que tu me laches, je gagne; si tu me KO avec ton bearhug ou bodyscissors, tu gagnes. Je cherche des gars de tout grandeurs, tailles, corps, etc.... Mon seule préférence c'est que j'aime lutter avec autres jeunes gars de mon âge ou moins. autour de 35ans ou moins, seulement, SVP. J'aime autre styles de lutte aussi, échangement de prises, etc..mais l'écrasement de mon corps c'est ce que je cherche principalement. Mais je suis overt d'esprit. Donnes-moi une idée, dis-moi qu'est ce que tu veux faire, ça ce peut que je serai interessé. Je cherche réel seulement. Je ne fais pas de cyber, téléphone ou cam. Je suis 4 heures en voiture nord de Toronto ou 4 heures ouest d'Ottawa. Je peux aussi aider avec le cout de voyager. Contactez-moi si vous êtes interessé.

Je cherche pour RÉEL SEULEMENT. Je ne fais pas de cyber, cam ou téléphone.



  1. Kanada - Ontario, North Bay
  2. Kanada - Ontario, Sudbury
  3. Kanada - Ontario, Grand Bend
    (Ich bin hier zwischen 22.12.2018 und 26.12.2018)
    Visiting for Christmas
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Ich bin bereit 200 Kilometer zu fahren
Ich würde Gastgeber spielen (Bed and Breakfast)


Alter: Mann, 35 Jahre alt

Stats: 178 cm, 68 kg

Sprachen: Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch

Outfit: Any

Olympisch / Griechisch-Römisch Olympisch / Griechisch-Römisch
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No Holds Barred No Holds Barred
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cynadog2002 lb200 paradoxrunner sammy_novicewrestler



squeezetoy1984 wird empfohlen von cynadog2002

Don't let the name or his stats fool you - squeezetoy1984 is one built dude. He's even bigger than in his pics for how much work he puts in the gym. It shows by how much he takes care of his body and what he can do with it. He's got a lot of technique and knows how to put on a good squeeze. He had me tapping out each time, but kept making it fun. He also got me in some good lifts and made for some awesome muscle worship - even to the point of showing off how easily he could curl me. He's also just a fun guy to have a real conversation with, regardless of the subject. I hope to cross paths again with him soon!



cynadog2002 wird empfohlen von squeezetoy1984

Had a great time rolling around with and wrestling cynadog2002. He's real and shows up as promised. He's got a deceptively strong scissor hold and loves to get erotic. Well worth the time.



fitjock wird empfohlen von squeezetoy1984

Met him a few years ago for some wrestling, squeezing and hold exchange. Good strong scissor hold. Great guy. Shows up when he says he will.



sammy novicewrestler wird empfohlen von squeezetoy1984

Met him in March 2013 when I was visiting Montreal. Good build on him and knows his wrestling. Most importantly, above all, is that he's real. He shows up as promised, which, in my opinion, is the most important trait for anyone on these wrestling personals sites.



squeezetoy1984 wird empfohlen von lb200

A genuine wrestler that knows very well his pro moves :)

SqueezeToy has an infinite arsenal of wrestling holds and I had a great time exchanging them with him :)

Squeezetoy is definitely REAL, very knowledgeable and trustworthy.



lb200 wird empfohlen von squeezetoy1984

Very strong for a little guy and he's a great host. Great guy to exchange holds with, grapple competetively with. Outside the matches, he's a good conversationalist and very intelligent. The one thing Quebecers like him need to get used to are bilingual Ontarians who can switch from English to French without a hitch. haha! I've met him 3 times and never been dissapointed. He may not be the biggest, or the most muscular, but he's REAL and, on this and similar websites, that, in my book, is most important.



squeezetoy1984 wird empfohlen von paradoxrunner

got a build to him and fun to wrestle and play with. hard to choke him out too!



paradoxrunner wird empfohlen von squeezetoy1984

Fun to wrestle around and trade holds with. He's got some strength to him and he's good lookin' too.... but most importantly... he's REAL. You can count on him to show up and deliver just as promised.