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I love submission wrestling I am a jobber that can get cocky and likes to fight back but if you want to work me over I can allow it I just want to have a good time with anyone I meet :)
I also love to trash talk and my motto is "I'll take on my opponents regardless of size"

I am safe and sane
Feel free to message me I'll respond to all challenges and messages no matter how far you are!



  1. Vereinigte Staaten - North Carolina, High Point
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Alter: Mann, 26 Jahre alt

Stats: 175 cm, 64 kg

Sprachen: Englisch

Outfit: t shirt, sweats, socks

Submission Submission

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terrence wird empfohlen von MikeA

Great guy, great abs, feisty strong and determined wrestler. Grrrr!💪🏽💪🏽



MikeA wird empfohlen von terrence

Great guy! Had a fun time wrestling him very skilled at submission wrestling I highly recommend wrestling him when you get the chance!



terrence wird empfohlen von nycwrestler

Had a great match with T. He is fun to wrestle and he doesn't stop trash talking no matter how much I twisted him up. Had a lot of fun wrestling with him. Strong and sneaks in some submissions on you.



nycwrestler wird empfohlen von terrence

This guy was loads of fun he overpowered me easily he is a great guy and fun to talk to off the mats but he is a submission monster on the mats glad we finally got to meet hope to wrestle him again soon!



terrence wird empfohlen von SlimScrapper

Terrence is awesome, had a great match! He is wickedly strong, a lot stronger than I expected for his size. Really worked up a sweat and took a lot to get him to tap. He is also as quick as a mouse trap, if you give him the slightest opening, he'll capitalize and lock on a wicked hold. Off the mat he is a really chill and down-to-earth guy. Highly recommended and look forward to the rematch!



SlimScrapper wird empfohlen von terrence

This guy is fun and awesome he is a nice guy on and off the mat he really knows his moves and is quite a challenge I highly suggest wrestling this guy trust me you will have a great time



terrence wird empfohlen von scubawrestler

Terrence and I have wanted to get together to wrestle for quite some time. We finly got our chance today and it was well worth the wait. We both had a great time. Don't let his slim build fool you. He is very very strong and fast. If you ate passing through MSP , or if he is coming your way, get together. You will be glad you did.



scubawrestler wird empfohlen von terrence

This guy is friendly on and off the mats he is willing to teach you new things and will give you quite a workout he also makes a great friend if this guy is coming your way be sure to contact him I garuntee he will satisfy you and it will be worth a match



terrence wird empfohlen von GuyMN1983

really cool laid-back guy, and a lot of fun to lock up with! didn't have a lot of time, but we managed to get in a few falls. you can tell he's enjoying it which makes you enjoy it even more. worth the time to look up guys. i'm looking forward to getting together with him again!