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Schließe dich unserer immer größer werdenden Usergemeinschaft an und finde Gegner zum Ringen, Boxen und allem anderen, was mit Fighten zu tun hat.

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MeetFighters.com ist ein soziales Netzwerk und eine Profilseite für Menschen, die sich für Wrestling oder Fighting interessieren bzw. für die Leute, die auch selbst gerne ringen oder fighten wollen.

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“I started learning to wrestle bout 2 years ago and this site has been instrumental in making it possible to meet more experienced guys I can learn from all over the UK. Through the site I have met some great people, attended local events, made many friends and despite setbacks, have had enormous fun.

Without Meetfighters, none of this would have been possible. How otherwise could I learn or enjoy the experience of wrestling with so many great guys - all of whom have been patient and accommodating of my early attempts to learn the sport.

To the Creators and Administrators, thank you for all you have done and continue to do to assist us in pursuing our sport. It is enormously appreciated by us all.
Simon, York, England.”

YORKIE, Montag, 4. August 2014

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