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“Today is a special day to me !
Today is a special birthday.... 6 years.
6 years since i discovered this site...
the 29th of november in 2008... it was at this moment a very intimate site, we were not a lot, and Peter the founder was experimenting a way to promote his passion... wrestling.
i think my life wouldn't have been the same without this site. it has brought me a lot of different experiences around wrestling and fighting.
I met a lot of guys, almost 300 on meetfighters.com, a lot of them are real friends, i think i am ready to meet again almost each of them, i met a lot of them several times... every match has been different, every match has been for me a different way of being happy.
A very few times, less than 5 i think, i thought i had met a guy i would never accept to leave due to an incredible match i will never forget !
So the only thing i can say now is just Thanks Peter, thanks for all of us, never stop this site...
thanks to permit us to meet fighters all around the world !

2toughwrestlers in 1 team, Samstag, 29. November 2014

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