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Schließe dich unserer immer größer werdenden Usergemeinschaft an und finde Gegner zum Ringen, Boxen und allem anderen, was mit Fighten zu tun hat.

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MeetFighters.com is a social network and personals site for people who share an interest in anything related to wrestling, fighting or the people who do it.

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“I had already written a comment two years ago praising this truly astonishing site.
Not only does it allow us to meet and fight other wrestlers and help us improve our technique as we meet new challengers but as I serendipitously discovered this evening clicking on the flag on the top right corner and choosing the Magyar one that everything comes up in Hungarian (doh!).( I know I'm very slow in the brain functions department) which is great as I can now improve my rudimentary knowledge of that language and lust after and try and meet wrestlers as well.
Oh what a wonderful site allowing me to work both brawn and brain.
Koszonom szepen.”

readyforit, Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2015

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