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eastcheshireguy vor 1 Tagen

First round of match

442 mal gesehen
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lspowerhouse vor 2 Tagen

Never quit!

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PJ1 vor 3 Tagen

Neverending figure four leglock.

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  • 22. November
    Plans changed so I will be here at home all day here in Arlington VA on Thanksgiving Day. Matroom is all set up, ready for action if you want to take
  • 21. November
    My humble opinion, there aren't none, all arts are good, who you win today, may tomorrow be the winner, is all depends how you feel today, your rival
  • 21. November
    Gepostet von Jman77
    There is great freedom that comes with independence. I'd trade that in to be wrapped tightly in some meaty biceps after a hard day. Only problem with
  • 21. November
    What a boring November. It’s all rain, rain and rain these days. In these stormy days there is need for something to lift our spirits. Like seriously
  • 21. November
    Another great training session at Grove park new guys participated which was great to see and very welcome they were to iain scott our trainer gave
  • 20. November
    I heard i be moving to another place due to my new job if i get it. I going to be working at UPS and might get a part time job in wrestling company.
  • 20. November
    Primal man
    Gepostet von Rocket
    I want a group of men basic and primal in thoughts and live that way. PRIMAL MAN
  • 20. November
    Gepostet von Jman77
    A change is gonna come... ...I'm ready for it.
  • 19. November
    Previous installments: * [[/2017-04-09|The Knee Situation]] * [[/2017-07-03|The Knee Situation, Vol 2]] I was holding off on writing an update on the
  • 19. November
    Karate essence [5]
    Gepostet von touro
    Karate é uma arte marcial japonesa, tradução literal é "Kara" vazio e "Te" mão, mão vazia, lutar sem armas. Só com as armas naturais, punhos,
  • 18. November
    Why is it such a turn on to watch one person completely dominate and humiliate another? A more compelling question is, why do some people love to
  • 18. November
    Gepostet von Jman77
    Oh how time flies. Before long another will have passed and what will I have to show for it. I try to reach out when I can and develope relationships
  • 18. November
    Karate ... [4]
    Gepostet von touro
    I was born in Karate in 1985, learned a lot, not only with the senseis, with everyone, I lost my extreme shyness, I'm still a little introverted ..
  • 17. November
    Soooooooooooooo I had myself my first little meetfighters match up and it was wizard! Met a guy local to me in Southampton which is pretty neat. He



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Photo Classification Changes, Site Updates

Hi guys,

A few short months ago I asked you about how you would classify backs and gear pics. You responded, and based on your votes, I have updated the photo classification rules:

  • Photos taken from the back / side now belong in the gallery. (This has been a de facto policy of most photo classifiers until now, now made explicit.)
  • Photos with singlets and similar gear now belong in the gallery. (This is also common practice, now codified.)
  • The "slightly erotic" photos now all belong in one category. (Two categories have been merged for simplicity.)
  • Hard porn (sex, erections, etc) are now private only. (There are better sites out there for porn, this one will continue its focus on meeting and fighting.)
  • Many categories have been clarified.

Read the full list of rules here. It's a bit better organized now.

In other news:

  • The Members page now lists the members who are closest to your primary location.
  • Avatar photos are now circles. There's a bit of AI driven logic that tries to guess where the face or similar focal point is in the photo when it is cropped. It's not working 100% of the times, though, so if you need to adjust your avatar photo, you can do so by clicking the "Edit" button next to your primary photo on the photo management page.
  • Member lists now show the country as a flag icon and your distance to the user's primary location. If the member is your favorite or past opponent, there's color badges to indicate that.
  • You are now notified when your favorites post something on their blogs.
  • You can see a collection of a member's latest forum posts on their profile pages.
  • Improved support for touch devices (tablets and smart phones).
  • Other miscellaneous small fixes.

– Admin out

Letzte Änderung am 07.11.2017 21:41 von Admin; 66 Kommentar(e);

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