Parisbb wird empfohlen von Someoneian (20.9.2017)

If you're into ball busting, then you need to meet this guy !! enjoyed every second with him. I had alot of bearhugs and ball busting actions, edging and post cum torture.... And what I liked about him was the fact that he tried to understand what I like first and then delivered to me, it was all about me :) !!! He was also very knowledgeable in Ballbusting ;) learned so much from him ... I can still feel the pain "ouch"...

PS. If you like to punch, squeeze, kick and knee balls THEN THIS GUY IS THE MAN !! IRON BALLS !!! No limitation !!


Alborz1364 wird empfohlen von Chevinwrestler (20.9.2017)

Hosted this new wrestler at mine.

Quiet, unassuming guy, but is strong and has good level of pain threshold, given his unwillingness to tap on several occasions.

Once he gets a few more bouts behind him and picks up some skills I reckon he will be a tough wrestler


maeCR1 wird empfohlen von Travelwrestler3 (20.9.2017)

Great wrestling match! Really strong and skilled wrestler - a very challenging opponent :)


Travelwrestler3 wird empfohlen von maeCR1 (20.9.2017)

Excellent work out... This guy fights for real so be prepared. Strong rugby player build... not easy to submit ;)


BoxWresNwFL wird empfohlen von jnet8m (20.9.2017)

If you love painful holds, this guy is for you. He will drum it down too if you can't take it. Had a great time and would do it again.


DenverWrestler wird empfohlen von Traithe (20.9.2017)

i met up with DenverWrestler for the second time, and just like the first time, I had a great time, both wrestling and chatting.
Denver is both strong and skilled, and is a very challenging opponent. He's also very nice and easy to talk to and get along with, and was kind enough to offer helpful advice and coaching on wrestling technique.
I can definitely recommend him and would be very happy to meet up for another match in future.


rob1 wird empfohlen von Socalwrestler (20.9.2017)

Had a great session with Rob!! He is one tough guy and can take more than I expected! What a great guy before, during and after!!


jacketwolf wird empfohlen von tkdboy (20.9.2017)

Jacketwolf is strong, fights hard, moves fast, and is eager to learn. He was able to adapt and react to various situations.
Very nice and safe!


prettyboy jobber wird empfohlen von Atb74 (20.9.2017)

Had a good match with this guy, he is keen to learn new techniques. We tried a few and the got down to the wrestling. It was a very sweaty (Hong Kong heat) match and he enjoys being dominated. A few times I got him go dominate me and he began go enjoy it :) Good looking, sweet guy we had a sauna and drinks at the hotel after the fight.


Jase28 wird empfohlen von The Arrow (20.9.2017)

Jase and I had been speaking on and off for a good while. I don't get much time these days to wrestle, but he'd been patient and eventually, during annual leave, we found time to wrestle. I have to say, given my hiatus, how rusty I've become. I'd forgotten so much that trickled back to me as we went, but not quite enough.

Things went back and forth quite a few times. Jase was much more aggressive than I expected and pretty quick; he also wasn't above ducking and diving for economies with consistent fairness ;-P

It's safe to say favours headlocks, scissors and chokes and is pretty good at all three. We weren't keeping strict track of the score so to speak, and the lead did feel to swing in one's favour then the other, throughout. Can't speak for Jase, but by the end of it, I think it's fair to say Jase came out a bit ahead. He fought well and out-wrestled me, having worn me down by the end and bagged the last 4 or 5 subs in a row. Today then belonged to Jase - next time will be mine.


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