AD idf wird empfohlen von olibrius (23.7.2017)

Un lutteur très sympa à l'écoute du débutant que je suis.
Une séance très efficace pour moi en tout cas!!!
A refaire avec plaisir!!!


Lomandlad42 wird empfohlen von ChunkyHeel (23.7.2017)

Brilliant afternoon with this chap. A great competitive subs wrestler. Fun, safe and sane. A real pleasure to get to grips with and to just to hang out with an chat. He's strong and knows how to keep a competitor on his toes (or pinned on his back for that matter!) Can't wait to get to grips agains for some fun sweaty subs. Would highly recommend to others.


Koiboy wird empfohlen von Beefy 1976 (23.7.2017)

Met yesterday for the first time.

Very friendly and easy to chat with. Made me feel very at ease.

I think I was lucky as I managed to get the upper hand a few times.

He's a very strong and determined wrestler.

Looking forward to the next time.


Link wird empfohlen von Escapist13 (23.7.2017)

Une bonne après-midi de lutte avec le charmant Link, qui a plus de force qu'il n'y parait !
Méfiez vous de l'eau qui dort ;)
Derrière ce gentil Niçois se cache un combattant qui ne s'avoue jamais vaincu. Nous avons bien sué, je le recommande sans hésitation !


maulotta76 wird empfohlen von superkid85 (23.7.2017)

Con Maulotta si era creata una bella intesa ancora prima di incontrarci, non solo a livello di provocazioni. Il fatto di essere una persona alla mano, affidabile e concreta ha permesso di organizzare in fretta l'incontro. 3 ore che sono volate. Sicuramente sia io che lui non siamo ancora tecnici, ma la lotta è stata divertente soprattutto per questo. Round lunghi e faticosi dove nessuno dei due voleva mollare o cedere.
Da ripetere senz'altro. Più che consigliato! Alla prossima Maulotta💪


battlefox wird empfohlen von quadi1 (23.7.2017)

First of all, battlefox is one of the nicest person I have ever met :) He's reliable, lovely and trustful, just as i expected him to be! Since our chat was great already, I was pretty sure we would had a great time and thats exactly what we had :) Luckily we had enough time to wrestle and also get to know us appropriately. As expected, he is a very strong and agile fighter with a lot of experience. Therefore I'm happy that I could at least submit him a few times :) I really hope we can meet us again real soon so that I can get my revenge :P and also to spend more time with him as a friend :)


vocaljock wird empfohlen von 4fun (23.7.2017)

Had a great time taking this guy on.... He's a strong and tough opponent .... look forward to matches ...... If you get a chance to wrestle him grab it be ready for a hard match and ready to sweat.... A pleasure on and off the mats....


BellRinger618 wird empfohlen von Boxer Daddy (23.7.2017)

BellRinger618 is a GREAT blossoming fighter that will continue to make great strides in all that he does! Truly a tenacious boxer that won't easily go down... Pack a lunch cause you need a recharge if you don't take him down the first time cause he'll get up and give you back everything you dished out and in spades. Can't wait to mix it up with him again and impart my knowledge and skills onto him to make him UNBEATABLE!


PghBoxerBoy wird empfohlen von Boxer Daddy (23.7.2017)

PGHBoxerBoy is a Tenascious Boxer that continues to make GREAT strides in and out of the ring. Truly a pleasure to meet and looking forward to meeting him again in the near future!


gl489 wird empfohlen von Judoka WA (23.7.2017)

A newbie at this time, but he is learning quick and is strong enough to pin you down indefinitely, enjoying the situation... a nice bloke on and out the mat, definitely to recommend to have lot of fun fighting.


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